Brenna Barzenick

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“I absolutely loved this funny and fantastic book that had me laughing until I cried. Through her real-life experiences, Barzenick brings the light and dark sides of mothering into one big ball of entertainment. This book is perfect for all mothers, especially those who may be feeling overwhelmed. It tenderly reminds us that admitting and surrendering to our frustrations can be the path back to joy.”
-- Elena Moreno-Keegan, mother of three, life coach and co-founder, Gift of Goals Seminars

“Joyful, insightful, and unique. Barzenick reveals an open-hearted look at the true secrets of motherhood: how to laugh, clean, feed, shop, care, teach, and worry on less sleep than one could ever imagine.”
-- Christopher J. Leumas, MD and pediatrician

“Brenna Barzenick approaches the subject of parenthood with a down-to-earth sense of humor that is not often found in print. She moves from being bewildered by her new responsibilities to being able to accept them, all the while being able to laugh at her role in modern family dynamics. It is a wonderful journey, comfortably familiar—especially to those of us with young children.”
--Paul R. Sawyer, PhD, associate professor of English and a Dad

“Quite simply, Brenna Barzenick is Erma Bombeck reincarnated—hilarious, honest, and relevant.”
--Douglas D. Brown, author of Ascension